Rottweiler Service Dog Gallery

Rottweilers and Rottweiler mixes in Service to Disabled Individuals

It has come to my attention that an individual is using Jaus' picture on a listing on ebay for purposes that responsible service dog users find abhorent. This use was not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by myself and she has no affiliation with either Jaus or myself. I am working on having his picture removed ASAP.

Von Ruelmann's W Dexteritas- "Dex"
of Von Ruelmann Rottweilers Inc

Mobility Service Dog
AKC registered

Dex is currently siring puppies that are intended to go on to service homes.

Sir Jaus CCL vom Stefanhaus- "Jaus"
of Stefanhaus Kennels

Psychiatric Service Dog
AKC Registered
CGC, CD, RtD x 3, SD x 2, TT

Featured in a 1 page add in "The Rottweiler" magazine

Nominated for the AKC ACE Awards 2003

Used in service dog education.

Tamars Chancellor-"Chance"
Rescue Puppy
Psychiatric Service Dog
DOB- 4/95

Died of lymphatic cancer Sept 29 2003

Featured in the book
"The Compassion of Dogs"
Released summer 2002 for saving his family from certian harm

Rescue Puppy

Guide Dog
Rotty/Shepherd mix
DOB- 3/02



"Viktorsauras Water Buffalo Boy"

- Austisim Service/Therapy Dog for twins

Diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia and will die without an operation.

To see his story and donate go HERE

Quilt raffle in progress!



Mutiple Disability Service Dog

Silver was registered as a Service Dog in 1992; at that time she was one of only two Rottweiler Service Dogs serving in this country.

Sadly, Silver died this past Memorial Day 2004(at nearly 13 years of age); it seems no more fitting a day to pass away then a day for honoring those that served.

Gus of
Rottweiler Station Kennels
(Wart Der Gerichtsvollzieher Erlo of Rottweiler Station)

Mobility Assist Service Dog

Gus helps me with the Laundry, Retrieving dropped Items, retrieving the phone in case of an emergency, opening & closing doors, as well as several other task.

Faith of
Moritz-Burgberg Rottweilers Kennel

Faith, a highly skilled certified Service dog, was trained by the Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound in seizure, respiratory, and cardiac alert and response, mobility assistance, emergency water rescue, and cart pulling. Committed to her owner, Leana Beasley, Faith understands over 150 commands that aid Leana in every aspect of her life.

Guided by experts at the Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound, Beasley helped train Faith herself.

If YOU know of a rottweiler or a rottweiler mix service dog that should be included here please send me details and a good picture.


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